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Footprint Measurement System

Product definition

FMS is a unique system which delivers 3D forces contact patch mapping of a tire to analyse grip, wear, behabior and rolling resistance 



The only solution in the world 

Patented application by Dufournier.


Exceptional capabilites 

Highest mapping resolution (up to 1mm x 1 mm).

High accuracy (+/-0.5%) and low cross talk (1%).


Unique footprint 3D force mapping

Delivers in addition barycenter and force level of longitudinal, transverse and vertical force mapping of contact patch, tread pattern bloc or any area of interest.

Barycenter of longitudinal, transverse and vertical force mapping.


Adaptable or turnkey 

FMS can be intergrated in existing bench or can be provided complete including bench.


Data analysis 

FMS is provided with a 3D tire footprint analysis software.

In addition, our experts can do the analysis for you or assist your engineers to do it.



FMS provides a unique 3D tire footprint forces report.