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Founded in 1999, DUFOURNIER is the acknowledged leader in tire, suspension systems and the associated vehicle dynamics.  

Our expertise, know-how and mastering of these themes make us the High Tech Experts On Tire & Suspension. 


Who are our customers ?  

– Car Makers

– Tire Manufacturers

– Proving Grounds

– Test centers

– Motorsport Racing Teams 

What do we offer ? 

Engineering : Tire measures, ground texture measures, tire modelling, engineering studies

Manufacturing : tire measurement solutions, ground measurement solutions

Testing : UNECE R 117, E-mark certification


Since its creation, DUFOURNIER has expanded its presence throughout the world thanks to a network of recognized agents.

Our prime objective has always been to give the best and most appropriate answer to our customers’ requests.
Our unique and patented tools developed and used by experts all year long make our products and services efficient and effective solutions.

We help our customers to understand how tires or suspension systems can work better together.

 Dufournier Industries