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Hydrodynamic Measurement System

Product definition

HMS measures the contact patch of a tire in dynamic and wet conditions for a better analysis


High accuracy

Improve accuracy with the use of a prism (option) deliverable by Dufournier.


Water flow calculation

Flow of water is calulated based on the speed and water depth.


Dynamic measurement

Works in constant speed, acceleration or braking.

Delivery of warning if tire is out of the measurement area.


Serveral tire propulsion ways

Operates in a very wide range of speeds.

Tire could be propelled by a car or by a self-propelled carriage (supply possible by Dufournier).


Turnkey system

HMS can be integrated in existing configuration, but also available turnkey with: watering system, synchronization system, analysis software, self-propelled carriage (more information on request).



Tire knowledge improvement.