About Dufournier : Tire Testing Company

Dufournier: discover the future of tire testing!

Located in France, Dufournier is the Specialist in Tire Testing.

With our unique indoor testing facilities and high-technology testing machines, DUFOURNIER offers its customers the Highest Tests Quality at the Best Price, all Year Long.   


Group DUFOURNIER includes :

  • Dufournier Testing
  • Dufournier Industries
  • Dufournier Technologies


Dufournier testing:

Dufournier Testing operates Indoor and Outdoor its testing activities:

  • normative tests : R117 wet grip and R117 Rolling resistance tests…
  • Research & Development tests : Force and Moment, Rolling Resistance, Uniformity
  • on demand testing : Rolling Resistance in real conditions, F&M on real pavement, High Speed Uniformity…

The company is ISO 17025 certified

Dufournier Industries

Dufournier Industries designs, develops and manufactures high Quality Tire Testing Machines: 

  • Automated Indoor Tire Test Track (AI3T)
  • Skid trailer
  • Rolling Resistance Machine
  • Quality control devices (RMS & TSD)

The company provides Worldwide After-Sales Service including :

  • Calibration,
  • Maintenance plan
  • Upgrading



Dufournier Technologies offers :

  • Test data analysis: Adhesion, Braking capabilities, Behaviour, rolling resistance
  • Tire modelling: Force and moment (MF 5.2 …), Rolling Resistance

Main customers

Car Makers
Tire Manufacturers
Proving Grounds
Test centers
Racing Teams