Test quality equipments

Tire performance testing

Tire performance testing requires quality equipment for accurate and reliable measurements. We have special equipment to control the quality of the tests carried out.

Our equipment dedicated to the quality of the tests: the roughness measurement system

Among these equipments, the machine used to measure the roughness of the soil makes it possible to classify the micro and macro-roughness, to analyze the grip as well as to compare different tracks. These different analyzes make it possible to control the properties of the soil with great precision to ensure that they conform to those expected for a tire test.

Portable and light, this machine is just as fast to use: 15 seconds is enough to measure a profile with great precision.

The tire selection device

Easy to transport, this high quality tool controls the tire in less than a minute. This equipment is used by tire and car manufacturers, but is also suitable for testing centers and racing teams.

Our tire selection device is used to check tires before testing their performance. The physical properties of the treads are analyzed with this special system in order to avoid any manufacturing dispersion that would make the tire unsuitable for the test.