Tire selection device

The Tire Selection Device by Dufournier is an easy-to-use, transportable device that quickly verifies that tires have the correct physical tread properties required before each test, while eliminating those whose manufacturing dispersion makes them unsuitable for testing. This tester is based on precise physical criteria such as the modulus and the loss coefficient of the elastomer.

A quality tool with many advantages

Created by the Dufournier company, this small equipment offers a small footprint and is easily transported.

The tread uniformity of the tire is checked quickly and easily: less than 1 minute per tire is sufficient. Used directly on the mounted and inflated tire, the device does not cause any destructive damage to the tire. In addition, an Operator's Guide is provided for each Tire Selection Device to properly perform all basic operations.

Thanks to its graphical curves, the device makes it possible to see at a glance the best pairing to be done in a set of tires that have been previously checked: this optimizes tire matching processes.

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