Tire modelling Pacejka 5.2

Modelling with Pacejka software

In a motor vehicle, tires are an essential part, but nevertheless complex to model. Tires are an important part because they support the vehicle, dampen the potential irregularities of the road, and give the lateral and longitudinal forces that impact the speed and direction of the car. These forces are created by the deformation of the tires during their contact with the road.

Tire modelling by Dufournier

For tire modeling, Dufournier uses the Pacejka 5.2 simulation software.

Pacejka "Magic Formula", a solution developed by Hans B. Pacejka, is the most powerful software on the market to digitally model the Forces and Moments of a tire: this software allows, among other things, to measure the Force and Moment of tires through a specific experiemental design.

We also use our in-house PFS software developed with our advanced tire analysis skills and knowledge of tire physics.

We offer the most realistic tire model : measurements are made on real ground.
In addition, the PFS software allows us to perform some of the most stable and accurate measurements.

Would you like to entrust us with your tire modeling project?