Rolling resistance machine

Tire resistance measurement

Nowadays tire Rolling Resistance is a major concern that involves different regulations (ECE R117, WLTP, UTQG…). As an answer to this demand, Dufournier has developed a rolling resistance machine that our team is using every day for tire testing.

This Rolling Resistance Machine is made for both Labelling and R&D testing.


It is based on force methods and delivers Rolling resistance measurement for C1/C2/C3 tire in accordance with:

  • UNECE R 117
  • ISO 28580
  • ISO 18164 on request

Research & Development rolling resistance testing

It provides rolling resistance force measurement under full control of the indoor climate.

The highest mechanical characteristics of the bench and the high quality of actuators and sensors  allow to deliver the best rolling resistance measurements to compare and analyze tires.

Our strengths:

  • Highest accuracy thanks to premium sensors and actuators quality
  • Quality material and design for robustness machine.
  • Optimum profitability and low cost of ownership.
  • Fast and userfriendly requiring 1 operator only
  • Two measurement heads to measure two C1/C2/C3 tires simultaneously

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