Skid Trailer Braking and Labelling

Our skid trailer is used to test automotive or commercial vehicle tires in a braking situation: the longitudinal adhesion is thus measured according to different loads, speeds and pressures.

Braking tests on real road



The skid trailer makes it possible to test a tire on a real road or test track outdoors, on dry or wet ground. Snowy and icy soils are also suitable for this test equipment. Thus, tire manufacturers or car manufacturers can measure tire adhesion performance on several configurations.

Tire labeling


tire labelling


These types of tests meet the demand for European tire labeling (ECE R117) which requires more precisely braking measures taken on wet ground.

Benefits of the skid trailer for the braking test

The skid trailer allows to characterize the grip of the tire on wet ground on real soil conditions. In addition, this equipment performs fully automated maneuvers and requires only one operator for the conduct of the test. Its high precision and fluidity of execution offer cutting-edge results, essential for professionals in the automotive or tire industry.

Wet grip characterization



Main kind of use of the skid trailer for braking tests:

  • 2 axes tire Force measurement under braking and load variations
  • Wet conditions thanks to embedded tanks (option)
  • Optimized kinematics with constant inclination of kingpin angle and camber according to vertical movement and double wishbone suspension for the best guidance and the highest stiffness and durability
  • Upgradable system with options to suit customer requirements
  • Possibility to adjust water flow
  • Wet grip measurement according:
    • ASTM E 274.
    • Labelling UNECE R 117 (wet grip C1 & C2).
    • EU 1222/2009 modified by 228/2011and 1235/2011, (wet grip C1 & C2).
    • ISO 15222 (C2).ISO 23671.