Tire Testing Equipments

Tire testing machines

With 20-years of expertise in tire testing, Dufournier - tire testing company designs, develops and manufactures its own tire testing equipments. These unique high-tech machines have been acclaimed worldwide for the quality of their measurement possibilities.

Special attention is given to their manufacturing quality in order to perform the most accurate and reliable tests.

Skid trailer

The skid trailer is a unique tire measuring machine designed, developed and manufactured by Dufournier. The tire under test is precisely centered inside the skid-trailer allowing the most accurate measurement.

Skid Trailer machine


AI3T is an automated indoor tire test track exclusively offered by Dufournier. Its advantages are:

  • Measurement quality unparalleled to date
  • Industrial test capacity
Automated Tire Test Track

Rolling resistance machine

The rolling resistance machine, developed by us, is used daily by the Dufournier teams for tire testing. This machine is used to measure the rolling resistance of tires in order to assess their compliance with the ECE R117 label.

Rolling resistance machine


Tire performance testing requires quality equipments for accurate and reliable measurements. We supply special devices to control the quality of the tests carried out.

Roughness measurement system

The roughness measurement system allows to characterize the roughness of the ground by measuring its macro-roughness and micro-roughness. This ensures that the ground has the required properties during a test, while classifying it and following its evolution over time.

Roughness measurement device

Tire selection device

The tire selection device is a tool that checks the physical tread properties of tires which will be tested.  Thus, the tire selection device allows to remove any tire whose manufacturing dispersion makes it unsuitable for testing.

Tire selection device

Associated services for equipments

We provide other services for your testing equipments. Our team is available for any maintenance or calibration activities.

Maintenance & Calibration

We provide unique expert services for the maintenance and the calibration of your Dufournier testing equipments.

Maintenance & calibration services

Dufournier provide expert tire test service, along with our manufactured equipments. Want to learn more ? Reach our Tire analysis section to get more information about test analysis, modelling and trainings.